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How to Warm Up Relationships: Furnace Video

Posted by barbararozgonyi on June 2, 2006

This article originally appeared in our ezine, MTN News. Subscribe at www.transformmarketing.com and claim your free bonuses.

Happy Friday!

Want to know how to heat up your relationships?
Watch this video to find out: http://tinyurl.com/f9nal.

You may need to download the latest version
of Windows Media Player:

You’ll hear the real story I wanted to tell on my
call with Harris Fellman, the co-creator of 12 Week

It’s a story about basements, an octopus and a realtor.

And it’s all true.

After interviewing Harris and learning about his
upcoming Catalyst Code release, I enrolled in
the program right away.

He’s basically giving away the secrets of
how he made over $200,000
in 4 months – starting with no list
and no product.

That kind of success intrigues and inspires me
to motivate you to take the course with me.

So much so that I’m offering to match the cost,
$197.00, with $197.00 in bonuses.

Here’s what you get from me if you sign up at
-30 minute consultation valued at $175.00
-mp3 of ‘How to Transform Your Company
Into a Customer Magnet’ valued at $22.00

I have to tell you that by the time you
get this message, the program may be sold out.
Harris is only offering this opportunity
to the first 100 people who sign up.

You can register right now at

So, what’s on your agenda this weekend?

Here in town, one of my clients
is hosting the Glen Ellyn Garden
Walk. The event benefits their
work in helping homeless families
transition to a brighter future.
Visit their site to download a homeless
curriculum guide for students in
grades 1-12: http://www.bridgecommunities.org

Talk to you next week from LA ~


P.S. Want to get to know other people in
The Marketing Transformations Network?
Send me an introduction and I’ll post it to
the group.


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