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Who did you have coffee with last Saturday?

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 3, 2006

For the 5th time in 7 days, I found myself in Chicago last Saturday. This time in the lobby of the Westin hotel in a seating area next to a chatty group anchored around a Harlequin Great Dane who probably spent Friday night in a king size bed all by himself. While waiting for my celebrity client, a little guy kept buzzing around me just out of his father’s apologetic and embarassed reach. Even though I told him I’d raised 2 boys just like his, he didn’t seem to get it. So I put the lid on my coffee to make him feel better.

A few minutes later, Harris and Merlin arrived with news of their night at moto. This futuristic food/space station is a zen zone that delivers bite sized bits of sci-fi food cooked up by a geniously mad scientist chef. After we went through the Affiliate Marketing Intensive press release, the guys kicked back in the window seat and spent some time filling me on what’s going on behind the scenes.  Sorry that I can’t share all the excitement to come, I’m not an Internet marketing celebrity reporter -yet. From what I can see, all I can write about is how nice and down to earth everybody is. And that’s even more true with Merlin and Harris. Merlin__barbara_and_harris_in_chicago Thanks guys!


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Affiliate Marketing Intensives PR is Intense

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 3, 2006

How did we get so high? Maybe adding Harris’ handsome headshot cranked up the results? Perhaps the headline floated our story towards the top: Affiliate Marketing Intensive Enrolls 5,592 — Reveals How to Make Money Online.  Do you suppose the keyword seasonings and our secret sauce that spiced up our entrée?
Whatever it was, we made the search engine rankings rock:
#2/28,880 Google News How to Make Money from Home 
#3/13,360 Google News Internet Marketing
#2/1,360 Google News Affiliate Marketing
Listed in Online Case Studies on Blogger Search
#5/11,367 Yahoo! News Internet Marketing
Curious ami? Read the Affiliate Marketing Intensive (AMI) release or skip it and sign up now for THE free affiliate marketing ecourse

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Success Intesives PR Comes in at Number 1 and Number 1/2

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 3, 2006

Not content to be only number 1, but numbers 1 and 2, we made our mark(s).
Check out these day of rankings:
Google News Internet Marketing Stories: 2/14,400
Yahoo! News Internet Marketing Stories: 1&2/10,626

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Customer Appreciation Seminar Photos

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 3, 2006

You may also find these in the photo album, but since I’m into an optimal user experience, I’m loading them in a post as well with a bit more background.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero of Red Hot Copy and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro.  Lorrie’s a real-life gorgeous redhead who is so sweet and gracious in person. Jenny’s a professional colleague from years back. She writes dazzling copy – I know because I’ve hired her for my clients.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Armand Morin, co-host. Armand’s a brilliant marketer, but you know that, don’t you? Did you know he’s a genuinely funny guy that likes to talk about his days as a vacuum cleaner salesman? Even my kids crack up at his stories.


Dave Lakhani, author and founder of Bold Approach with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. Dave’s book Persuasion: The Art of Getting What You Want is on my recommended reading list. His PR presentation with Zydeco music and Mardi Gras beads was one of the most lively at the event.


Joel Bauer, Persuasionist and Infotainer with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. What can I say? If there was a crowd in the “corridors of opportunity” as Joel calls the hallways, we knew he was doing magic, telling jokes or tossing off infinite insights to a  captivated crowd. This guy kept coming back, working around family events, to be with us. Talk about unrestricted access – he even gave me some tips on how to enhance communication in our public schools.


David Hancock, publisher and founder of Morgan James Publishing with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. David is on everyone’s want to meet list. Why? Because he likes to hear about the book you want to write. He’s the guy that will publish it. His interest in my ideas boosted my confidence big time.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Martin Howey, CEO of  TopLine Business Solutions. Martin’s a guy that teaches people how to run their business. He wasn’t presenting, but his story still made it on stage. I was impressed by his persistence and accomplishments.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Tom and Diane Pauley of Rich Dreams and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro. If you want to know how to get what you want in life, you have to read Tom’s book. Written with his daughter, Penelope, it outlines a simply beautiful way to ask so you shall receive. Diane later interviewed me for her new series.


Declan Dunn, Dunn Direct Group with Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media. Although I spent more time talking to Declan’s partner, Jody Colvard, about their work in China and the FunMoneyGood Podcast Network, I thought Declan’s down-to-earth and earnest presentation hit home – you need to have fun, make money and do good. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media with Alex Mandossian, creator of Teleseminar Secrets Here I am with the King. Meeting Alex was a highlight for me. As a student in Teleseminar Secrets, he inspired me to stretch so far I that sometimes I thought I would snap.


Barbara Rozgonyi of CoryWest Media, Kevin Nations, the Six Figure Sales Coach and Jenny Hamby, The Seminar Marketing Pro. Spending some time with Kevin gave me a whole new perspective on the sales process. Setting goals, huge ones, is all part of a day’s work for Kevin and his clients.

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Two nights worthy of omnipotent ovations

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 3, 2006

In the end, the practice paid off. . . the blue blur in the upper left hand side is the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus onstage with the Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus during the Carmina Burana performance Carmina_burana_grant_park_symphony_glen__1on July 19

One of my more intriguing assignments this summer was to accompany the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus to their rehearsal at the Chicago Cultural Center with Christopher Bell, conductor of the Grant Park Symphony Chorus in preparation for their participation in the performance of Carmina Burana with the Grant Park Symphony in Millennium Park.

Leave it to my son Warren to ask the maestro about enunciation. How fearless is this kid I wondered? That question was answered after his two performances onstage. A member of the Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus concert choir since January, Warren’s got to perform at some noteworthy gigs that even professional singers would envy.

Here’s a place where an 11 year old can sit on stage as a member of a world-class choir, look out at crowd of thousands and sing with confidence. So, how nervous was he? Not at all. Who would be after all that practice and preparation? [Hey, there’s a lesson there!]

Seeing the chorus on stage was magical, but the most memorable moment was when we came home and Warren reprised the chorus in Latin just for me. Thanks and congratulations to conductor Emily Ellsworth for her contribution to another stunningly successful evening for the chorus and those of us who get to tuck the singers in at night.

Here’s how the critics saw it. . . From Michael Cameron’s July 21, 2006 Chicago Tribune review . . . “Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus matched their elders’ acumen note for note. . . . the damp but contented throngs gave Bell and the GPO (Grant Park Orchestra) one of the noisiest ovations of the summer, and deservedly so.”

From Dorothy Andries’ July 21, 2006 Chicago Sun-Times review . . . “The night, however, belonged to the choruses. Every time the Glen Ellyn youngsters sang, the stage lit up. It was certainly due to the contrast with adult voices, but also the clarity and verve with which the children sang. They sounded like a polished ensemble. Credit must go to their artistic director Emily Ellsworth, but also to the young singers themselves, whose fresh, focused voices contributed to the beauty of the performance.”

Into acoustics? Here’s a page that describes the set up. 

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