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John Drury Night::White Sox Honor Legendary ABC 7 Anchor

Posted by barbararozgonyi on September 20, 2006

It wasn’t so long ago that Chicagoans who entered 7 on their remote control got the honor of watching John Drury deliver their evening news.

On September 18, the White Sox dedicated the game to John Drury and his family’s efforts to raise funds for The Brain Research Foundation.

ABC 7’s video replay of their coverage shows John Drury’s son, Jim Drury throwing out the first pitch.

You’ll also see clips from an interview with Mr. Drury, who is battling ALS, last summer. And, Terre Sharma of The Brain Research Foundation, talks about the foundation’s efforts.

According their site, The Brain Research Foundation is a charitable foundation supporting research into causes and cures for brain-related illnesses. With the help of over 100 scientists at the University of Chicago’s Brain Research Institute, great progress is being made to treat diseases of the brain, among them brain tumors, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, pediatric epilepsy, ALS, learning disorders and depression.

Donate to the Brain Research Foundation


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