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PR Fantastico : Oprah on TV & Radio

Posted by barbararozgonyi on September 25, 2006

Today will go down in history. Oprah’s making her on-air debut. On the radio. Everyday. With Friends. This lady is one multi-tasking media maven and I applaud her (and her friends) for that.

The question for PR people is: will it be any easier to get on the air with Oprah & Friends Radio than it is to get on The Oprah Winfrey Show?

That remains to be seen. After all, the friends are already in place and they’re waiting to hear from you. You can ask Oprah’s friends a question that they’ll answer on the air.

Find out what topics Oprah and friends are working on.

Here’s what I love about this concept and program launch:

  • collaborating with friends means that many people promote you or your services
  • daily broadcasts keep the information fresh and relevant
  • two-way communication invites listeners to become a part of the show
  • a mix of topics reaches listeners at different places and stages of their life
  • regenerating radio is trendy and appeals to a broad cross-section of generations and delivery places that only radio can reach
  • satellite radio gets a huge midas touch boost that can only come from Oprah

Watching Oprah and Gail talk about their show this morning on ABC, I rode an exercise bike next to a workout buddy who grew up in the 40s and remembers radio’s heyday. "That’s all we had back then. Kids today have iPods, TV, the Internet and video," he said. Yeah, we have all that – and satellite radio.

Sign up for a free 3-day trial of XM radio online. According to the site, monthly service is $12.95 with family plans available. Unless your car has XM radio or you want to listen to it online, you’ll have to buy an XM receiver.


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