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9-29 MTN News: Top 20 + last call for call

Posted by barbararozgonyi on September 29, 2006

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September 29, 2006

To: <$firstname$>

From: Barbara Rozgonyi

Hope this finds you well and on
your way out to enjoy the last
weekend in September.

Thanks to those of you who
dialed in to listen to my call
with Jenny Hamby, ‘How to
Fill Seminar Seats Using the
Power of Free PR.’

If you missed the call, but
would like to order a copy
of the recording go to:

Order before October 6 if
you want the bonuses. That
link will disappear and the
cost of the recording will go up.

Last week, I mentioned Randy Gage
and promised to tell you more
about his presentation to the
National Speakers Association
Illinois Chapter.

Barbara_rozgonyi_and_randy_gage After rereading my 14 pages of
notes, I decided to condense them
down into the top 20 takeaways.

Note that these are my notes –
not direct quotes.

Randy’s topic is prosperity.

1.Really define what your brand is 
– don’t be interchangeable with anyone else.

2. Ask yourself, ‘What’s my assignment?’

3. Build your whole program around you.

4. If you’re not making at least $1 million
a year in your business, you’re not
making a difference.

5. When you give value, you get wealth.

6. Your brand is the most sacred property you’ll ever own.

7. Every speech needs its own signature story.

8. Two or three speeches are all you need.

9. Tell your own stories, don’t repeat other’s.

10. Set up a Star Fleet Command site
like www.randygage.com

11. Sell your information in as many mediums as possible.

12. Promotional copy guide: 80% about them; 20% about you

13. Don’t waste time talking to people that can’t afford you. 
(Make exceptions for some groups and speak for free.)

14. Packaging does matter – you need to stand out.

15. Use the same elements, but change up colors
so your materials look different.

16. Different looks and colors increase sales results
and involve the reader more.

17. Change your video every 4-6 seconds to align
visually with younger audiences.

18. Market directly to the people who will hire you.

19. Focus on the big picture stuff like product creation functions.

20. Be a dull edge if you want everybody to see
your website. Forget the flash.

Hearing powerful speakers is motivating,
educating and can even be a tax write-off!

Our $500 off Big Seminar rebate is open
until the event is sold out. To get your
rebate, sign up through our link at:
www.bigseminar8tickets.com. Then,
send us a copy of your receipt. I’ll
be waiting to give you a check in
Atlanta – see you there!

Happy (almost) October!



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