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Project Runway: You’re All In!

Posted by barbararozgonyi on September 29, 2006

My fascination with the 9/27 episode began early when the 9/22 episode aired as a rerun.

It kept building until it hit a crescendo early Wedneday morning when Lori Lizzard – a fab underground fashionista, called to tip me off to the Project Runway portfolio on the Olympus Fashion Week site.

Lizz kept exclaiming, "It’s so obvious!" every time I asked about the final three. The Lizz did run through her Fashion Week faves, but she wouldn’t give away who was offed.

So as soon as I hung up, I checked into the site and saw Uli,Laura, Michael and Jeffrey’s influences. I couldn’t off anyone. And neither could the judges.

If you missed the show on Wednesday night, here’s the Newsday Project Runway story.

What I love about this show is watching the creative process unfold. For us, each finished work gets its embyronic imprint with a scrap of a concept so faint we can’t make out what we’re looking at. Aren’t most creative projects like that – a complex ordering of simple insights?

For a closer look at each designer’s portfolio, check out the www.newyorkmetro.com slide show. To see really huge pictures and converse with a friendly fans, click on over to Blogging Project Runway.

Read our related post, Project Runway: What Do Moms Think about Laura? And, leave your comment below to tell us what YOU think . . .


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