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71 Marathons and Counting

Posted by barbararozgonyi on October 22, 2006

Bruceandphoebeafterchicagomarathon_2 Congratulations to Bruce on completing his 71st marathon – this one in Chicago.

Phoebe and I went downtown to surprise him at the finish line today.

Our La Salle Bank Chicago Marathon wristbands got us into the Medalist tent – and to a few other places we weren’t supposed to be. Like the Victory tent for the elite athletes.

Although the first guard let us in, the second sent us out with a quizzical look – not out back into the park but straight through to our intended destination: right beside the course a few hundred yards from the finish line.

Ten minutes later we cheered as Bruce cruised to the finish wearing an ABNAMRO La Salle Bank running team gear.

Getting back out to the park was more difficult. The security guards had to check to see if it was okay to let us leave.

While we were waiting, a women on the other side of the fence handed me a big blue foot-shaped balloon that said, "It’s a Boy!"

"Put it where the runners can see it," she instructed. "It’s an important message."

When we left the course, the balloon was bobbing next to the final mile marker.


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