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Wired PR Works on a Snowy Day

Posted by barbararozgonyi on December 1, 2006

Welcome MTN members!

It’s a snow day here in Glen Ellyn. School’s out – for the first snow day in six years. 

Here’s a copy of today’s MTN News along with an shot of the outdoors taken from indoors . . .


Happy December 1!

It’s an official snow day here in Glen Ellyn, our first since 2000. Every school kid in town woke up to the news they dreamed about last night: no school today.

This snow is sticky stuff – heavy, wet and abundantly packable. In a few hours, our block may become one of the most densely populated in the Chicago area – for snow people per capita.

It’s the kind of day that begs you to throw away all notion of doing anything that counts as being productive. In fact, a movie marathon sounds good.

Before we close up the office to go sit by the fire, I wanted to show you a picture of our snowy day on our newly blinged blog at www.wiredprworks.com.

On Wednesday, you got an invitation to listen to Alex Mandossian give away his secrets to creating a 6-figure teleseminar business – for only $20. Here’s the link again if you missed that one: http://www.teleseminar-secrets-revealed.com.

By the way, I booked some amazing PR celebrities for an Ultimate PR series in January. Stay tuned for more information on that.

All the best ~


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2 Responses to “Wired PR Works on a Snowy Day”

  1. How to do you join the network? I could not find the correct link to do so. thanks. Please respond.

  2. Hello there . . .
    Thanks for your inquiry on how to join The Marketing Transformations Network.

    You can claim your free mp3 “How to Transform Your Company Into a Customer Magnet” when you sign up at http://www.transformmarketing.com.

    To get instructions on how to access the recording, you will have to click the confirmation link in a follow up email.

    By the way, I just wrote a post about Big Seminar today; you can read it on the blog. I see you have an affiliate link. Feel free to post a comment on your own experiences.


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