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Links to Yahoo and IBM OmniFind Free Search Tool

Posted by barbararozgonyi on December 15, 2006


IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition
IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Datasheet
Product Information
Infoworld Test Center review

As a compulsive researcher, I’m compelled to stop and browse stories about search tools.

I found this story on Yahoo! news, Yahoo and IBM team up to offer businesses free data search tool.

Intrigued by the prospects, I looked for a link to OmniFind in this article and in several others as well.

It took some digging and searching to find a link.

Thanks to this Infoworld Test Center review, I found the site as well as read about how the search tool works – they love it, by the way.

According to the OmniFind site, “IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is a no-charge, entry-level enterprise search software solution that enables rapid deployment of intranet and file system search for both employees and customers.”

In the late 90s, I unexpectedly landed the role as the orchestrating manager for the launch of Sears first intranet site. Coordinating a cross-departmental team into an unpopulated foreign territory was a challenging adventure. Knowing that we’d have a tool like this to search and navigate our new empire would’ve given us added confidence and incentive to build out faster and better.


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