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Name the Domain: Search Over

Posted by barbararozgonyi on December 15, 2006

Yesterday the subject of domain names in a mastermind call. One of our mastermind members owns over 600 domain name addresses. Another member was trying to decide on a new name. Me? I’m always in the “buy it when you think of it” mode.

Buying domain names can become an affordable marketing indulgence with services like www.godaddy.com charging only $8.95 per name. But actually settling on the name can be somewhat confounding.

Here’s service that can help you . . .

Need to name a domain? Want to bid on an expired domain with existing traffic? Have an urge to check out your competition’s traffic?

PC Names Domain Search gives you plenty of tools like these to use all in one place. Check domain availability. Search by name, traffic, 3 and 4-characters. Find all domains left by common first and last names. Ask the site to suggest a domain. Gather a bunch of possibilities and search the whole group at once for availability. Then, buy them up while they’re still available.


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