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ExpertClick.com | 2007 Deadline March 31 |Professional Speaker PR

Posted by barbararozgonyi on February 26, 2007

ExpertClick‘s invitation to be in their 2007 Yearbook of Experts arrived today. Anyone can request an invitation to be in Yearbook of Experts . However, the 20% discount expires in about 24 hours.

Many professional speakers sign up for this service, which includes a 4-way Yearbook of Experts listing [in print, on-line, via LexisNexis and pushed to search engines], the ability to send out up to 52 new releases out through News Release Wire, the Power Media BlueBook and CD-ROM, profile for a year at ExpertClick, and promotion through their Search Engine Elevator service.

At $795 [before March 1, 2007] to get in, pricing is very reasonable. When you consider that’s about $15/press release, it’s an absolute bargain. And, you can post video to your profile.


Claim your free mp3 “How to Transform Your Company into a Customer Magnet,” a $97 value.

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