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Piggyback PR | Pork Up Your Piggybank | Sharing in Holiday PR Celebrations

Posted by barbararozgonyi on March 1, 2007

In the spirit of National Pig Day [celebrated today in the US] happening in the Chinese Year of the Pig, I couldn’t resist piggybacking on the pig theme in this week’s MTN News feature article.

To piggyback means to lift and give a ride. When you piggyback your public relations onto a holiday, you lift your visibility with a quick and easy tie-in to a celebration that’s already happening.

Here are nine ways to pork up your piggybank with Piggyback PR:

1. Research holidays and look for days of observation your audience would celebrate.

2. Google the holiday to see what comes up and gauge whether there’s a fit for you and your products. Visit sites and read articles from newspapers, magazines and blogs.

3. Check keyword traffic, keeping in mind that traffic will spike around the actual date, which could work really well to boost seasonal slumps.

4. Strategize your news releases – will you comment, host a virtual event, release a report, interview an expert, or participate in a community celebration?

5. Distribute at least one news release and a possible follow up announcement with results.

6. Look up journalists who covered the event last year and contact them 4-6 weeks before the date to let them
know about your news release.

7. Write a blog post and add a category tag to track traffic.

8. Buy a domain name and set up a simple site to snag event traffic.

9. Evaluate your results from year to year and invite vendors and partners to piggyback with you.

Piggyback PR pays off with greater visibility, more leads and a closer connection to new audiences. Jump onto a ready-made holiday or event and start filling your piggyback with the proceeds.


Copyright 2007, Barbara Rozgonyi for CoryWest Media, all right reserved. Permission to reprint will be granted as long as this content is included: Barbara Rozgonyi, found of CoryWest Media, is a forward, grounded and edgy marketing/PR consultant and professional speaker. Barbara’s on a mission to mark down marketing dollars with effective and efficient strategies that work to grow businesses quickly, profitably and in creative directions. For more information, visit http://www.corywestmedia.com.


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