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Posted by barbararozgonyi on March 15, 2007

This article goes out today to MTN News subcribers, which is published by CoryWest Media and written by Barbara Rozgonyi. For permission to reprint this article in your publication email connect [at] corywestmedia [dot] com.


Grab Front Page Attention Fast with The Public Relations Primer

Whether you’re trying to trap leprechauns or attract niched traffic, if you can see the countryside, but you can’t see the customers, you can apply the same public relations skills to help them find you with the power of free publicity.


Public relations is an integral component of every marketing effort, from the smallest interaction to the biggest splash of the year. When you get how you relate to your internal and external communities, then you have more control and impact on your results. This public relations primer focuses on how to generate more attention in the media and online using the power of free publicity. You’ll learn the six essential elements that go into every successful public relations campaign.


What is a primer? Let’s set the stage with these definitions from http://www.answers.com . . .

1. An elementary textbook for teaching children to read.
2. A book that covers the basic elements of a subject.
[Middle English, devotional manual, from Norman French, from Medieval Latin prīmārium, from neuter of prīmārius, first, from Latin, from prīmus. See prime.]

prim·er2 n.
1. A cap or tube containing a small amount of explosive used to detonate the main explosive charge of a firearm or mine.
2. An undercoat of paint or size applied to prepare a surface, as for painting.
3. Genetics. A segment of DNA or RNA that is complementary to a given DNA sequence and that is needed to initiate replication by DNA polymerase.

I like number one under definition two, but all of them apply and support the need for a public relations primer for your business or organization. Here’s how I define the acronym P-R-I-M-E-R.









Become a Publisher

Before you write word one, you need to make a decision to commit to being a publisher who comments on not only what happens in your day-to-day operations, but in your industry, community and the world-at-large. Your goal is develop a presence as a commentator whose expert opinion is sought after by journalists, browers and even spiders.


Report on Events

Think of yourself as a reporter that covers all the breaking news, feature stories and product updates for your niche. Think of your audience as a friend in the business who needs to know what’s happening on an as-it-happens basis. But, wait a minute, you ask am I going to be the reporter who writes the story? In some cases – such as bylined articles, blog posts and web releases – you, or your publicist, will be the writer.


Inform Relevant Audiences in Relevant Ways

Remember who you’re writing to before you craft your first release. Who needs this information? Why do they need to know now? What will they do with it? Does Audience A need a different twist than Audiences B, C and D? Sure they do. Refining your approach to fit different audiences expands your reach in relevant ways. One size and one story does not fit all.


Mediatize Your Message for Each Channel

Just as stories can be positioned by audiences, so can delivery methods for each channel. You select your channels based on where you want your story to appear. For local papers, industry magazines and association newsletter, introduce yourself to the editor and ask how they prefer to receive news, what they like to write about and how you can help them cover their beat. Follow up with a quick email or note to recap your conversation and direct them to your site. Also tell them how to read your blog or sign up for your ezine. While you can’t call a search engine, you can use distribution sources like PRWeb to optimize your release for you before it goes out.


Learn from Your Experience

Set up a database of your contacts, their response and the publish date for journalist contact. If your story appears in the local paper, check to see if it’s also online. You can set up a GoogleAlert to let you know whenever your name or product appears in Google’s listings. PR Web’s reports keep you updated with all kinds of statistics, including search terms used to find your release and the number of times your press release gets read. Check Google News and Yahoo! News the day your online release goes out to see your ranking.


Repeat Over and Over and Over Again

Most public relations agencies recommend publishing news frequently. Sending out a release at least once a month is a baseline guide, but some of the best results come from publishing news every week. Over time, you grow to own your market and you become positioned as the expert.


Take the Express Route to a Turbocharged Public Relations Campaign

Panoramic PR, a course developed and taught by Barbara Rozgonyi, an in-demand publicist, professional speaker and WealthyMind trainer, is a 4 week course that teaches you how to get all the attention you deserve.

About Barbara Rozgonyi . . .

An in-demand publicist and marketing communications consultant since 1990, Barbara Rozgonyi is grounded, edgy and prophetic. The founder of CoryWest Media, Barbara’s project experiences range from producing projects for a Fortune 100 CEO to writing press releases for every new business in her village. “Panoramic PR,” Barbara’s latest project, compresses everything she knows into an affordable, manageable course that teaches small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches and anyone else who wants more free publicity how to get completely covered by being fully exposed. Claim a free report and get automatic articles like this one at http://www.corywestmedia.com or read what Barbara has to say on her blog at https://barbararozgonyi.wordpress.com. Find out how to get your name in the news at http://www.panoramicpr.com.



Grab Fast, Front Page Attention with Panoramic PR

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