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The System Seminar |Advanced Internet Marketing

Posted by barbararozgonyi on May 4, 2007

Here’s my entry from Friday night . . .  

This is my first System Seminar – it’s happening at the same time as another major Internet marketing seminar in Atlanta. My video testimonial is the first one on the other seminar’s sales letter – if you see it, you’ll see I’m inviting you to join me in Atlanta. But, I’m not in Altanta, I’m in a hotel near O’Hare.

So far, the energy is much lower-key than at my two previous Internet marketing seminars. But, that’s appropriate for a more advanced seminar. Even though everyone got a “no gurus” button when they checked in and Ken McCarthy went way out of his way to welcome newbies [as did several of the speakers], the newbies I met tonight are serious and already highly advanced in thier careers. Although I’m on Ken’s email list and read his blog entries, I got a different impression seeing him present live. He comes across, in person, with a more genuine, down to earth approachability that’s welcoming and refreshing.

After chatting with a friend I didn’t expect to see, I met two System veterans – the first of many who told me I was in the right place. Afer hearing the speakers introduce their sessions, I agreed with them. Ken says this is the best faculty ever.


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