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Posted by barbararozgonyi on May 21, 2007

If you’re not a corporate communicator, you may not know about Ragan Communications.

I first heard about Ragan when one of my corporate consulting clients added me to their Ragan Report reading list. Because being mentioned by Ragan was a coveted honor, in planning meetings we mused about how Ragan would review our internal communications ideas. 

When I was lucky enough to be assigned to write a cover story for my client’s management magazine, Ragan reviewed the article’s approach as a genius concept. While I’m quick to point out that editorial staff came up with the concept, I gathered the background information, conducted all the interviews and wrote the final draft before the corporate edit.

And, Ragan was right. Five years later, another client told me the cover feature was required reading for all new managers.

The concept? Profiling leaders who best represent the company’s values. Each profile included an introduction from the person who nominated the winner.

When I found out Ragan was introducing a new networking site, I signed up.

Whether you’re looking to network with other communicators, find a consultant, follow trends, post a job or search for a new career, you’ll want to check out MyRagan.

Check out MyRagan profile page.

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