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Online Marketing Monthly Survey | Internet Marketing Results

Posted by barbararozgonyi on May 21, 2007

Over the weekend, I got an invitation for a free subscription to Online Marketing Monthly, “the first professional magazine for the Internet marketing industry.” 

The confirmation email sent me to the Online Marketing Monthly blog where I found the results of the magazine’s readership response to this question: “What is your level of experience in Internet marketing?” 

According to the survey, newbies and dabblers make up 86% of their potential market. If you’re offering an Internet marketing product, the blog offers a few ways to approach the market. 

For the sake of blog space, here’s a paraphase of the top three . . .  

1. Avoid technospeak

2. Don’t overestimate your audiences’ technical and marketing abilities

3. ABC and 123 is not too elementary; only advance knowledge when you’re sure they’ve passed a lesson

What’s surprising to me is that these results mostly came from Internet marketers’ email opt-in lists. Given these responses, every Internet marketer should have a basic, entry level product to test response, measure interest and build up to bigger and better opportunities for the both the marketer and their students.

Given that only about 14% of the respondents say they make their living marketing online, there’s a huge gap between ability, time and know-how between the pros and the wannabees.

That’s not to say that Internet marketing isn’t worth pursuing, especially if you want to integrate online techniques into an integrated communications plan.

But, making a million dollars online is about as easy as making a million dollars offline. It takes hard work, perseverance, money, connections and knowledge. No $99 information product is going to magically deposit money in your PayPal account. As with any successful project, you have to take action – in the right direction – to make it happen. 

Get your free subscription to Online Marketing Monthly. [direct link, no affiliate commission]

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2 Responses to “Online Marketing Monthly Survey | Internet Marketing Results”

  1. That is startling news. I knew people were coming online everyday but I had no idea the newbie pool was that huge. That means yours truly has been taking the most basic internet marketing element for granted.

    Thanks for the info.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Daryl. I think you’re in good company. Just wrote an article about how to market to newbies.

    You can read it at . . .

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