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Spending More Spare Time Online | Broadband User Stats

Posted by barbararozgonyi on May 23, 2007

According to a new report, a family of five spends almost 60 hours, per week, collectively online.

The Center for Media Research points to a Media-Screen report that tells marketers what browsers are looking for in their free time online: communications and entertainment tie for the top two time slots.

Here’s a clip from the report titled Americans Spend Half of Their Spare Time Online.

Netpop I Play, a new report from Media-Screen, reports that broadband users spend an hour and 40 minutes (48% of their spare time) online in a typical weekday, and more than half of that is spent accessing activities related to entertainment and communication.

Josh Crandall, managing director of Media-Screen, says “Many broadband consumers go online for entertainment, and to talk about entertainment with other fans. Marketers need to leverage that interest…”

Search engines and social networking sites are gaining in popularity, says the report, influencing an equal number of people as magazines and newspapers. 48% of younger users say they learn about new entertainment through community, review and video sharing sites and blogs. Only 25% say they learn about new entertainment through television.

Crandall goes on to say “Currently, the proportion of advertising resources devoted to the Internet (about seven percent according to ZenithOptimedia) is nominal relative to the value it generates… among fans… consumers, on a typical weekday, spend more than 40% of their time consuming media online…”

Two online media activities – sending email and visiting Web sites for personal reasons – are more popular than watching television, says the report

These stats hold out in my house – for the most part. The teenagers have to be reminded to check email. Facebook is their preferred online communication channel.  After text-messaging, of course.
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