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How to Blog Directly from PRWeb

Posted by barbararozgonyi on June 25, 2007

bloogingdirectlyfromprweb.jpgClick the BlogThis icon on any PRWeb release and you’ll go to a page like the one I’m typing on now. This new tool makes it so easy to comment on a release. Remeber to add in the trackback URL so that your blog shows up on the PRWeb release. This technique ties you into the news and gives you free exposure. CoryWest Media


Click on the image above and you’ll see the text in the window. You can even add in the image from the release – that’s why you see the CoryWest logo. After the post shows up, you can go back in and edit [like I’m doing here] to assign categories. No need to add in trackbacks as I mentioned above. Turns out PRWeb does that for you. All in all a very cool feature that lets you post to your blog in about 30 seconds or less. Nice job, PRWeb!

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