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Edging Into the Future of Social Media

Posted by barbararozgonyi on July 11, 2007

It’s interesting to read into the future – of anything. The Council of Public Relations Firms recently released a 15-page report on where the public relations industry is headed. For me, the comments proved to be more intriguing than the numerical statistics. Bottom line, do as you say you do. Be a practicing practitioner. And, know how to position creative services as business benefits beyond the expected visibility value – in a variety of media.

Right now, we’re in competition with a few other PR firms – all traditional – for a project that kicks off this fall. We’re the only ones on the edge. Because the client wants traditional PR only – papers, radio, TV, no Web – they’re looking for someone who can send an email, a fax and make a few phone calls. I know our mixed media proposal is right on the curve, but they think we’re way too far ahead.

According to the Council of Public Relations Firm’s PRWeb news release,

  • 84% of firms are actively engaged in blogosphere on behalf of clients;
  • 78% of participating member firms claimed that clients were interested (38%) to extremely interested (40%) in their social media capabilities;
  • Nearly half (49%) have a dedicated online/interactive group. Another 17% have plans to add this capability this year.

Download “Relating to the Public: The Evolving Role of Public Relations in the Age of Social Media

Where are you with social media?


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