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WordPress + Facebook = Blog Distribution Expansion

Posted by barbararozgonyi on July 18, 2007


“You need to blog on Facebook. Forget ezines and your other blogs. More people will read you on Facebook.” That’s direct advice straight from my 17-year-old marketing intern/soon to be mass communications major. Easy for her to say. Her Facebook profile is filled with comments, photos, videos and updates. My WordPress blog is comparably equipped.

Thanks to WordPress, there’s a way to blog in both places at once. Today’s WordPress blog post, Your WordPress is in My Facebook, by Joseph Scott describes the new app. Here’s a clip from Scott’s post . . .

In this app you’ll find the core blog features you’d expect: publishing posts, adding bookmarks and viewing stats. Beyond that we’ve taken advantage of the social network information that Facebook provides, with a Friends feature that shows you the most recent WordPress.com blog post from each of your Facebook friends that have added the app. Posts you make within the app show up on your WordPress blog here, and vice versa.

Your friends can stay up to date with your recent posts and comments from your blog when you add it your Facebook profile. Doing that will show excerpts from the last five posts and five comments of your blog. These are updated each time a new post or comment is published to your blog.

Think you’re too old for Facebook? When I found Scobleizer‘s post on the subject and read his theory about how a Facebook profile could boost sagging blog traffic with fresh social media connections, I set up my own Facebook profile with the WordPress app. That was about an hour ago. So jump in, let’s be friends and ride the Facebook wave together.

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