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Ways to Launch a New Blog | LinkedIn Answers

Posted by barbararozgonyi on July 21, 2007

When I answered a LinkedIn question today on how to launch a new blog, one of my suggestions included posting your LinkedIn answer on your own blog.

So, here’s my answer  . . .  10 ways to launch a new blog:

1. Before you announce your blog, post at least 10 great articles so you’ll have some content.

2. Write a press release listing the articles – make sure the topics grab attention.

3. Distribute the release online, either through free sites or at PRWeb where it’s pay per release.

4. Send an announcement to your local papers via email or call reporters to let them know how your blog is answering questions, giving advice, etc.

5. Go to Technorati and search for the top blogs on your topic, set up an RSS feed, read them every day and comment on these blogs as well as send traffic to them with links from your posts.

6. Register on blog directories – check out Online Marketing’s RSS blog directory list.

7. Answer a question on LinkedIn with a link to more information on your blog.

8. Add your blog’s feed to your website like the one at CoryWest Media, Facebook and FastPitch! profiles.

9. Set up GoogleAlerts for your topics to make it easy to follow the conversation.

10. Attend a blog conference and meet other bloggers.

Add your ideas in the comment section . . .


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