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Yes, I get paid to write, but not here . . .

Posted by barbararozgonyi on July 28, 2007

It’s Saturday night at 8:30 and I’m on the train riding home. Good thing I left the BlogHer conference when I did – my voice is almost gone and the train is almost full. 

Like the unspoken tension between Republican and Democrats and stay-at-home and full-time working moms, the paid versus non-paid bloggers at BlogHer sat on two sides of the room. If not literally, certainly philosophically.

But, the issue extends beyond earning money from ad words and tracking traffic versus being proud of low stats and no pay. Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe there is room for every type of blog and every type of writer as well as all levels of compensation – from emotional fulfillment to high hourly rates. So if you respect me, I’ll respect you.

Your audience may not be my audience. That’s a good thing–for both of us. As a professional writer since 1990, I do believe that being compensated for your writing is honorable and ethical under certain conditions. 

Getting paid for writing was a novel concept in 1990 when I left my career as a corporate sales manager. But, it was my only option. Career counseling showed I should be a writer or a florist. After interviewing for a job as a florist and figuring out that I’d lose $3 an hour after babysitting, I looked into my second choice: writing.

So, I took not just a plunge, but a deep, deep dive – both financially and professionally. A new computer and printer set me back $5000. And, even though my English grades were always on the A side, I wasn’t sure I really had the write stuff. For seventeen years now, my professional writing was written to be read – by my clients’ clients. Being paid to write is financially, but not always emotionally, rewarding. 

At BlogHer, I learned: You are your blog. As simple as that sounds, this was one of the most profound takeaways for me. All of a sudden, I was Wired PR Works. Every post, every category, every comment is part of my virtual fiber. And I want to write more – for me and anyone who finds me via a search, a comment or a link.  Maybe someday soon I’ll get around to the getting paid part. . .

3 Responses to “Yes, I get paid to write, but not here . . .”

  1. lifecreativitycoach said

    Wow! Great that you change professions. I am wondering how long it took to get your first paying job? It probably was long because you are a great writer.


  2. lifecreativitycoach said

    OOPS!I meant you are a good writer and that it probably DIDN’T take you long to find your first paid writing job. I am sorry. I don’t now to fix a comment once it is sent. OOPS!


  3. Hello Terri:
    Thanks for your comment[s]. Mentoring with members of the Independent Writers of Chicago [www.iwoc.org] gave me the confidence and courage I needed to make the career switch. Although I made hundreds of cold calls as a sales rep, selling creative work was a new challenge. A local home health care agency gave me my first professional assignment. My timing was right: they were looking for a writer/marketing consultant when I called. Our relationship last six wonderful years until they hired someone to fulfill the role in house. Appreciate your kind words about my writing.

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