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Making Media Connections | How to Introduce Your PR Agency

Posted by barbararozgonyi on August 7, 2007

 Yesterday, I kept seeing calls from a Chicago suburban newspaper on our office phone and my cell phone. But, we couldn’t get to them when they came in and there was no message until 6:00 last night.When I checked voicemail, I heard a reporter leaving an urgent message with this request: “I’m hoping you’re still _______’s PR representative and that you can help me find them. We’re doing a story and we need to talk to them right away.” he said. While I won’t give away the ending . . . I will tell you how to make the most of your PR agency relationship. Follow these guidelines whenever you engage a new PR agency. Making the Most of Your PR Agency Relationship:1.       Send out a news release or announcement with the name of the agency, contact number, email and website. [They will do this for you.]2.      Post this information on your site and on every news release.3.      Outline your media relations policy for your board, your agency and the press so that everyone knows who to contact when.4.      Decide when and how to route calls and inquiries. Will you use the PR agency’s number or your number?5.      Appoint a spokesperson and let the press know who it is so that the same person gets quoted every time.6.      Use the PR agency to screen media calls and interview requests if you need more time or a professional perspective before you answer.7.      Think of your PR agency as a critical business partner who helps you manage and communicate not only your news, but your relationships with all of your “Publics” – internal, external, community and industry.8.     Ask the PR agency to build an online creative archive where you, your customers, the media and the world can access all your news releases, images and links to stories online.9.      Request an updated media list at least twice a year so that you’ll have current contact information on hand.10.  Refer your PR agency to other groups, businesses and vendors that you interact to build on synergies within your network and theirs.Bonus: When do change agencies, let the media know right away and maintain a good relationship with your former PR partner. You never know when they’ll take a call for you.


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